Wednesday, 07 October 2015
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MINGAI is a non-profit Foundation certified by the Ministry of Labour as a Center for First Aid Training which aims to spread First Aid in wildlife and remote areas.  This issue becomes increasingly essential in people involved in activities outside the urban site. For example: tour guides, field researchers and adventure sports practitioners.

Our Organization is an Official Affiliate of NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute (, a US-based entity in Wyoming.  This Institute is responsible for developing and training people prepared to assist, act and make decisions at critical times of emergency.


Next activities:

Relief Medic Volunteer Program   December 10 - 23, 2015    More information click here


F. Arizaga Luque N34-427 y Alberto Guerrero 

Quito, Ecuador

Teléfono: (+593) 25 115 719 /22 435 042
Celular: (+593) 992 718729 /997 797951